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5-172012 Race for Hope-001-XL

Race for Hope: This Year’s Goals

It’s hard to believe that our Race for Hope fundraiser is only a few short weeks away! The Race for Hope is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, and is very important in making it possible for Vision of Hope to provide hope and help to women in need at a very affordable… Read More»


Don’t Grow Weary

Continuing our focus on the upcoming Race for Hope fundraiser, there are many truths we can be reminded of. It is amazing what God can use to remind us of truths from His Word, and each year God uses this event to remind us of His steadfastness and strength at work in our lives to… Read More»


Resident Reflections

We recently had one of our current residents express interest in sharing on our blog a bit about her time in the VOH program so far, and why financially supporting VOH means a lot to her personally. We love for our ladies to have opportunities to share how God is working in their hearts on… Read More»


Through His Strength: Part 2

In a previous blog, we were reminded through Isaiah 40:27-31 that although our human bodies grow tired and weary, God never does. He is always active and working in our lives, and we can trust that He is stronger than any difficulty we face in this life. In this blog, we will examine the latter… Read More»


Through His Strength: Part 1

I am reminded each year as we prepare for our annual Race for Hope of many truths of scripture. This is always a time of encouragement as we see everyone work together to prepare for this event as well as reflect on who God is and how He helps us as we run our daily… Read More»


Eternal Rewards

As I have mentioned before, I am certainly not a runner. I have enjoyed short jogs in the past, but I have never had the love of running or the dedication it takes to be a good runner. I can only imagine that those who regularly run in races must keep their eyes on the… Read More»

family2012 Race for Hope-061-XL

Family Fun at Race for Hope

You’ve heard us talk and blog a lot about the Race for Hope lately, but there may be some facts you are not yet aware of. We are planning some fun times for this event, and we hope that you will join us and share in this great community time. Did you know that the… Read More»

4-292012 Race for Hope-031-X2

Proper Motivation

There are so many Biblical truths and scriptures that come to mind when I think of running a race. The Bible holds several analogies about pressing toward a goal, finishing a race, etc. and it also speaks greatly about perseverance and diligence in our walk with the Lord. As our Race for Hope fundraising event… Read More»

2015 Race for Hope-046

Striving with His Energy

As you know, our annual Race for Hope is quickly approaching. As we prepare for this event, we are praying for every participant – that they will be safe and have the stamina and energy needed to run the race. When running a race, energy can waver. But God calls us to a much more… Read More»


Reclaimed Hope is Expanding!

You have heard some things about Reclaimed Hope, LLC through our blog, but you may not realize all the ways that it is expanding! Heather Starkweather, the clinical director at Vision of Hope, had been dreaming of VOH owning a vintage upcycle shop for years. Sharing her love of crafting with her daughter, this desire led… Read More»