Reclaimed Hope is Expanding!

You have heard some things about Reclaimed Hope, LLC through our blog, but you may not realize all the ways that it is expanding!

Heather Starkweather, the clinical director at Vision of Hope, had been dreaming of VOH owning a vintage upcycle shop for years. Sharing her love of crafting with her daughter, this desire led her to look into locations where she could start this type of shop at which she would sell the upcycled treasures herself and the residents of Vision of Hope have made. Her dream was to financially benefit Vision of Hope through the sale of these unique items. She looked in Lafayette, but the right space for the right price was not available. However, the Lord provided a nifty, little space in Brookston, Indiana. The shop was owned and run by Heather up till October 2016 when, in God’s perfect timing, Vision of Hope took ownership of the shop.

When Vision of Hope became the owner of Reclaimed Hope, it spread into the whole VOH program. The schedule for the residents changed in that they started going to the shop to work on projects to sell to help raise money for VOH, along with building relationships with customers. Now residents are able to have more job training, take ownership and invest into Vision of Hope, and learn more about the value of being a good steward of what they have been given through upcycling. It has benefited residents, interns, and staff, and allows those who are a part of VOH to get out into the community and show the light of Christ. Not only that, but with more people being able to help run Reclaimed Hope, the shop is able to be open six days a week.
RHHeather has shared that one of the goals of the shop is that residents, staff, and interns would take interest in the customers. This too has started to happen as those coming through the doors of Reclaimed Hope share with those working at the shop about struggles that they have, or loved-ones they know may have. Different staff and interns have been able to refer these people to Faith Biblical Counseling or other ministries of Faith Church.

Reclaimed Hope is not just expanding in hours and in people, but is expanding the scope of how God can use Vision of Hope to show the hope that is found in Christ. Which leads to another expansion of Reclaimed Hope we are excited about! Plans are underway for Reclaimed Hope to  change its location to the upcoming Northend Community Center. With this possibility, there were would be opportunities to create even more relationships with customers and those who need the hope found in Christ. There would be more storage space, more room to work on upcycling projects, possibly more hours for the store to be open, and more opportunities to invite people from the community in to craft along with us. That means more conversations with people who may be hurting, and maybe even more women who would want to receive help through God’s Word at Vision of Hope. Not only that, but residents of VOH would have more opportunities to put into practice what they have been learning through counseling and show Christ’s love to people of the community.

It is an exciting time at Vision of Hope, and it is awesome to be part of God’s kingdom work. Reclaimed Hope’s expansion has the possibility of allowing many hurting people to reclaim hope through trusting in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Please pray for all God is doing at Vision of Hope.

Also, I can’t forget to mention that Reclaimed Hope has expanded online! There are over 200 items listed now on Amazon. Check the shop out on Facebook or on Amazon.