How I Gained 16 Granddaughters in One Day!

A team from Faith church went to Dominican Republic to serve in Fundación Red Misericordia (Mercy Network Foundation) and one member found new granddaughters! Fundación Red Misericordia is a private orphanage overseen by Senora Olga Arocha.  The Fundación currently has three orphanage homes where the children are provided and cared for in a Christian environment…. Read More»

Who Cares About Women of the Streets?

“More than 400,000 women work in German brothels, some so big they spill over several levels. Described as sex supermarkets, johns are lured with the promise of luxurious surroundings, unlimited alcohol and sex.” New York Post, June 10, 2014 There are reportedly around 3,000 red-light establishments in the country, and 500 brothels in Berlin alone”… Read More»


Taste the Nations — Let the Nations be Glad

[expand title=”What is it?” swaptitle=”What is it?” tag=”h2″ rel=”what-highlander” alt=”Click to toggle visibilty” trigclass=”noarrow” expanded=”true” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]Taste the Nations is a pair of studies that will take place at Faith this year. We will be studying Let the Nations be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions, by John Piper.[1] Watch the promotional video below… Read More»

Missions in Dominican Republic

I just returned from a survey trip to the Dominican Republic (DR) with a team representing Faith Church, Fellowship Greenville and Faith Global Missions.  We were encouraged, thankful, convicted and challenged by what we observed.  I hope you enjoy this brief report and follow the links to see pictures and learn more about what God… Read More»

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