New Territory: Megan’s Story

Vision of Hope has an amazing internship program where women learn about biblical counseling and how to help other women who are struggling with serious, life-dominating problems. One of those women I would like to introduce to you today is Megan! One of our newest interns, Megan came to us in July from Raytown, Missouri…. Read More»

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Robin Williams: Sorrow Behind the Laughter

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and the end of joy may be grief. Proverbs 14:13 As is my custom when a celebrity dies from a suspected (or confirmed) addiction-related issue, I write a blog entry about it for the following reason: heightened awareness leads to an opportunity to teach biblical truths to shape our understanding… Read More»


Leadership Training

As many of you know, Vision of Hope not only provides help to women who are hurting, but also provides training opportunities for women who have a desire to learn about biblical counseling and how to help other women. We offer a year-long internship program where women can come and be a part of our… Read More»


Reclaimed Hope: A Shop Supporting VOH

We are excited to announce to you the opening of a brand new, nifty, thrifty shoppe in Brookston, Indiana, called “Reclaimed Hope.” Here’s the backdrop: Jim and Heather Starkweather had the desire to open this business and began preparing for it to open on August 1st. One of the primary objectives is to offer the sale of some of Vision of… Read More»


Hope is the Difference

The more I think about what one aspect of biblical counseling sets this type of counseling off from the other types of counseling offered, I come down to one word: hope. Biblical counselors point counselees to Christ, the only true Hope for salvation and sanctification (a.k.a. spiritual growth). Because of Christ, we can be forgiven… Read More»


Treating Sufferers like Sinners

One of the worst mistakes a counselor, friend, parent, child, or anyone can make is to treat a sufferer like a sinner. What do I mean by that? Let’s define terms. When I write about a “sufferer” here, I am defining it as someone who has experienced a hardship due to a sin-cursed, fallen world… Read More»

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