Race for Hope Update!

The Race for Hope is less than a couple of weeks away, and we are getting excited! This event is very important to us not only because it is one of the primary means God uses to provide for VOH financially, but also because it provides a great opportunity to share with our community that… Read More»


VOH Fun Facts – Adoption!

Many people do not realize that there is another part of Vision of Hope: an adoption ministry! Women sometimes find themselves in a very difficult situation when they become pregnant – whether for financial or other reasons, a woman may feel she is not able to be a mother to her baby. Our adoption ministry… Read More»


VOH Fun Facts – Our Volunteer Team!

We hope that our “Fun Facts” blog series has been helpful for you so far, to connect you more deeply to the inner workings of our ministry. A lot goes on behind-the-scenes to keep Vision of Hope up and running, and we are so thankful for everyone involved in serving Christ through this program. Did… Read More»


Race for Hope Event – June 11th!

Each year, we hold our annual fundraiser, the Race for Hope! This year, we will be holding this important Race on June 11th. Our staff team has been hard at work getting ready for this event, and we are getting very excited! It is our goal to keep the cost of our program very low… Read More»


VOH Fun Facts – The Need

There is a lot about our program that many people are unaware of. Let’s continue looking into some of the little-known facts about VOH! Did you know that we have received over 600 applications to our program since we opened? That is 600 hurting young women from around the world; 600 souls who recognized that… Read More»


VOH Fun Facts – Our Team

We are always encouraged when we reflect on the number of people involved in keeping our ministry up and running. In Matthew 10:45, Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Christ is our example, and we… Read More»


Counseling Girls with Unresponsive Parents

In the biblical culture of the Hebrews, young women were ideally provided with oversight by their parents until her wedding day when that oversight was transferred to her husband. It was a culture that emphasized both the God-given responsibilities of the parents and the child alike: parents to lead by teaching the Word of God… Read More»


VOH Fun Facts – The Word Has Spread!

If you are on this blog, you obviously have some knowledge about Vision of Hope. Perhaps you heard of our ministry through Faith’s annual Biblical Counseling Training Conference, or through a pastor or friend. Perhaps you are a member at Faith Church and are involved at Vision of Hope in a specific way. Whether you… Read More»

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