“Students Helping Students!” through EAGLE FIT

“‘Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the robbers’ hands?’  And he said, ‘The one who showed mercy toward him.’  Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do the same.’”  Luke 10:36-37 (NASB) These familiar words of Jesus motivate his followers time and time again to show love and do good to those in need around them.  One way the elementary students at Faith Christian School are applying this principle is through the Eagle Fit program. Continue reading

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Wrestling Season

by Johnathan Townsend

pict 1Sports are hard, but none are as difficult as wrestling. Recently, I joined the high school wrestling team here at Faith. It was rough, and it took a lot of determination to finish the season. Practice was brutal, often ending with my picking myself up off the mat; however, the experience had its perks as well.

pict 3I learned many lessons about wrestling. Practice was painful; yet, working through the pain, I eventually could keep going despite my sore, aching body. I learned to push myself beyond my physical and mental limits, going further and further than I originally thought I could go. Perseverance was my best friend.

pict 2Unfortunately, I lost a lot of matches throughout the season. There were multiple times when I got really close to winning a match, only to fall short of victory. My final record stands at 3-20, but this season was only my first year of wrestling. I look forward to next season because I know that I will continue to improve my skills and my record.

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Friendship Banquet: from a Servant’s Perspective

Fine Food, Fancy Rooms, and Very Large Serving Trays

by Johnathan Townsend

On Friday, March 14th, I was able to serve at Faith’s Friendship Banquet. The night, for me, was tension-filled when I and my fellow servers gathered together in the gym to receive our instructions. I wandered around, chatting with the others while I worried about how well I was going to perform during the banquet. I worried over the very likely possibility that I was going to spill someone’s drink or drop a plate of food on someone while I entered the crowded room with a large tray of hot food. Continue reading

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Friendship Banquet

By Noelle Haynie

Connecting the Past to the Future

“Considering my past with trying to get out of serving at this very banquet in years past, I find it highly ironic that I stand before you today speaking,” said Luke Fausett. Friday night was one to remember, filled with laughter, worship, and celebration. This year’s annual Friendship Banquet connected the past with the future, as several alumni spoke of Continue reading

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30 Hour Famine

Going Hungry Now, So Others Eat Later

By Katie White

Imagine not eating for 30 hours. Sound challenging? Some students didn’t think so. Local students, including six Faith Christian School students, participated in an event called the 30 Hour Famine. The 30 Hour Famine is a global event where students raise money to feed people around the world. Also, the participants go hungry for 30 hours in support of the mission. But how does the famine exactly work? Continue reading

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Greater Lafayette Museum of Art Tri-Kappa Contest

By Maddy Lierman

pict 1

“Through the Looking Glass” by Lexi Schnarr, Faith Christian School, photography.

Recently, the FCS high school was given a chance to enter the Greater Lafayette Museum of Art Tri Kappa Contest. In an attempt to make new artists known, 15 local schools submitted recent works of art to participate. Each art teacher was allowed to submit 10 pieces. Normally, over 300 entries are submitted, though only the top 100 will be displayed. Continue reading

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Baseball Season

by Luke Peter

picture 1Pre-Season

The upcoming baseball season is looking to be a very promising one. With long-time experienced coach  Tom Bennett  returning with the help of assistant coaches Rick Bennett, Rocky Argo, and Matt Chandler, the team is under the best of hands. Also, the  team has older leadership from players in the form of two seniors Vernon Ford and Sam Ewing, along with two experienced juniors Brennan Argo and Derrick Grass. Continue reading

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Daddy Daughter Date Night

By Natalie ZickmundPicture 1

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Every year the elementary teachers host a date night for the girls and their fathers.  The school wants to encourage fathers to take time out of their busy schedules to spend more time with their daughters and to show them how special they are.  The night started off with Continue reading

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By Alli Wickes

picture 1Picture this, it’s Friday night at the Faith Christian Varsity game. The room is pretty packed because it’s not just any game, it is senior night. A large group of kids walk into the gym decked out in all black and make their way to the cheer block section. They sit down and remain almost completely quiet until the game begins. Even the cheerleaders are draped quietly under a black sheet.   The crowd begins to wonder what happened to the excited cheer block and enthusiastic kids they had heard about. Little did they know those silent kids dressed in black had a very big plan. Continue reading

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Hard Work, Fun Times, and a Farewell

By Joe Wickes

Clapping and cheering erupts from the crowd as each name is called. Parents are beaming. Students are excited. The moment is captured by cameras as families line the width of the court. This is Senior Night at Faith Christian School. Continue reading

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