Freedom from Sin: Part 3

We hope you have been encouraged as we have been to review the great truths of what freedom in Christ means. Let’s wrap up this blog topic with some practical implications of the freedom Christ bought for us. But of course, first we will take one last look at the passage that started this whole… Read More»


Freedom from Sin: Part 2

It’s amazing to think about the fact that we are free – completely and totally free – from slavery to sin because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. But what does that mean, really? In our last blog, we began to dig into Romans 6:6-7, 11-14 and discovered what it means to be… Read More»


ABF Series: The Gospel of Mark Lesson 1

Intro In our Adult Bible Fellowships we are starting a new bible study over the Gospel of Mark. Adult Bible Fellowships(ABFs) are a great time to connect and enjoy fellowship around prayer, the study of God’s word and serving together. If you have never come to an ABF, I would encourage you to check one out this Sunday… Read More»


Freedom from Sin: Part 1

It is so easy to get caught in sin. Whether a sin the world considers a “big” sin – such as adultery, pornography, or other addictions – or something we may consider a “small” or “acceptable” sin – such as poor stewardship of time or money, improper priorities, unhealthy life habits – we all struggle… Read More»

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