Intern Intros: Meet Marie!


Marie Essex started serving as a Vision of Hope intern in January of 2021. She lived in Washington, Illinois. She enjoys playing the cello, being creative, spending time with her grandkids and family, and working with people of all different ages and struggles. She has worked with public school kids as well as homeschooled kids and children’s ministries. Her favorite Bible passage is Isaiah 41:10 because it reminds her that God is the one who holds her and strengthens her.


Marie heard about Vision of Hope through a friend’s daughter that was a resident. The daughter had tried several treatment centers, but it wasn’t until Vision of Hope that there was real and lasting change inside of her. VOH addressed her heart issues, and that is what ultimately brought about her transformation. Since knowing her friend’s daughter, Marie has had a lot of exposure to VOH in numerous ways and has grown to love the ministry.


It has been on Marie’s heart to be an intern for a long time. When looking at how God has used His Word and people to work in her life, she knew she wanted to be a part of doing the same for others. She also wanted to learn practical training and how to effectively use God’s word to help broken people.


Through the internship, she hopes to gain practical tools and skills to become an ACBC certified biblical counselor. She is currently pursuing her certification. She desires to learn more about using God’s word to help others through their struggles and sin issues while helping them grow in their relationship with the Lord. She is also looking forward to growing in her own relationship with Christ and to learning how to better counsel herself and apply truth to her own heart.  After VOH, Marie’s goal is to become a biblical counselor and counsel women of all ages who have gone through tremendous suffering.


Marie is thankful for this internship opportunity and the growth that it will bring. She comments, “God can use what he has brought me through to encourage others, and at the same time, be in a place of learning and growing from people who are in the same journey. I’m just really excited about it.”


Vision of Hope is excited to have Marie as a part of the team and can’t wait to see what God has in store for her!


Sydney Hopkins
Sydney was first introduced to Vision of Hope's ministry through the Biblical Counseling Training Conference. Eager to learn more about ministering God's truth, love, and comfort to hurting women, she joined the team as an intern in July of 2018. She is thankful to now serve as a staff member sharing the hope and comfort she has found in our Savior and His sufficient Word.