Intern Intros: Meet Jessica!

Jessica Freeland started serving as a Vision of Hope intern in January of 2021. She is originally from Durham, Ontario. Her favorite Bible passage is Psalm 27 because it reminds us of God’s presence, that He is her light and why we don’t have to be fearful. In her free time, Jessica loves baking, arts and crafts, and knitting. She has an undergraduate degree in Bible and Theology and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in biblical counseling through Faith Seminary.


Jessica started her master’s degree knowing she wanted to understand more practically the process of bib

lical counseling and change. She saw a graduate testimony through VOH’s Facebook page on how VOH has transformed that graduate’s life. After watching it, Jessica realized it would be beneficial to watch the process of biblical counseling and serve in a ministry that she was passionate about.

Jessica decided to become an intern because she knew that everyone experiences suffering and struggles with sin. She became passionate about biblical counseling because she wants to help people have the resources to deal with their suffering and sin in a biblical manner. She comments, “I’m passionate about that because it has changed how I see my own experiences, and I want to be part of other people living with hope too.” She knows that God has given us the resources we need for living well to His glory, and she desires to help others recognize that too.

From the internship, Jessica hopes to gain practical skills in biblical counseling. She seeks to be able to apply what she has learned so far in her education in the way she serves and interacts with the residents of VOH. She is excited for the opportunities to observe live counseling sessions and learn from the staff team that serves at VOH.

After the internship, Jessica plans to return to Canada and apply what she has learned to her relationships with others and begin to serve in the local church. She desires to serve others better by using what she has learned.

Vision of Hope is excited to have Jessica as an intern and can’t wait to see how the Lord works throughher during her time here!

Sydney Hopkins
Sydney was first introduced to Vision of Hope's ministry through the Biblical Counseling Training Conference. Eager to learn more about ministering God's truth, love, and comfort to hurting women, she joined the team as an intern in July of 2018. She is thankful to now serve as a staff member sharing the hope and comfort she has found in our Savior and His sufficient Word.