Intern Intros: Meet Tricia!


Tricia Rogers started serving as an intern at Vision of Hope in April of 2020. From a small town in New Hampshire, she loves to crochet and is passionate about God’s word. Her favorite Bible verse is 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 because she knows that the suffering and affliction she has experienced on earth will be used by God to minister to others.

Tricia heard about VOH in 2016 from a friend who was interning at the time. This friend saw Tricia’s struggles and asked Tricia if she thought it might be a good fit for her. With a lot of wise counsel and prayer, Tricia decided to pursue this door that God had opened and entered Vision of Hope’s program as a resident in 2017.

Tricia was a resident for two years, and after graduation in 2019, she knew she wanted to return to serve as an intern. Tricia is grateful for the help she received and wants to serve women who struggle in the same ways that she did. As she continues to grow in sharing the comfort she has received through her internship, she would also like to pursue her biblical counseling certification.

While she is an intern, Tricia hopes to gain a better understanding of who God is and how He can change someone’s heart. She comments that she would like to learn more about humility and ways to practically grow in this area: “I don’t know it all and I need God to help me—I need to rely on Him for understanding.” She would also like to form deep relationships with her fellow interns and learn to love and serve them in unique ways.

Tricia has been able to learn and grow in many ways during her years at Vision of Hope as a resident and intern. She shares that “Knowing that God’s grace is sufficient every day; that I am going to mess up—but it’s with His grace that I see victory” and helping others to learn to walk in this grace and victory has been a highlight of her internship so far. Tricia spent two years as a resident, learning to surrender her desires to the Lord and fight for God’s glory as she battles sin. Moving Forward as an intern she wants to help the girls learn to do the same.

After VOH, Tricia prayerfully sees herself at Bob Jones University, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biblical counseling. Long term, she would like to work with women who have been trafficked and to share God’s love and healing with them. She is grateful for the impact VOH has had on her life and is excited to continue her journey as an intern.


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Sydney Hopkins
Sydney was first introduced to Vision of Hope's ministry through the Biblical Counseling Training Conference. Eager to learn more about ministering God's truth, love, and comfort to hurting women, she joined the team as an intern in July of 2018. She is thankful to now serve as a staff member sharing the hope and comfort she has found in our Savior and His sufficient Word.