First Grade Staying Close

First Grade is working hard at staying close! Our world was turned upside down when we could no longer spend our days together. However, with a lot of work on the part of our parents and growing flexibility and patience from our students, we are staying close! We are losing teeth, collecting insects, showing our projects, and wishing happy birthday through our Class Dojo photos!

photo of computer screen showing zoom meetingAnother way we stay close is on Zoom video chat. For example, recently we were all on for our phonics test. However, before any testing can happen, we must catch up on the happenings of first grade! Students love to connect with their classmates and talk about their adventures riding their bikes, playing soccer, or hunting for insects. Distance learning is not just about academics—these social connections are important too.

While we miss each other greatly, we know the Lord has big plans for us. In our study of prayer we have been using our hands to help us remember who to pray for. Our thumb represents people we are close to, like family, because it is closest to our body. Our pointer finger reminds us to pray for those who point us toward God. The “tall man” reminds us of our authorities: our president, mayor, firemen, etc. Our fourth finger is kind of weak to remind us to pray for those we know are sick. The small finger reminds us to pray for ourselves. We can pray anywhere at any time, remembering to pray thanksgiving and praise first.

This model of prayer takes on a brand new significance now that we are separated, but we know that we can find great comfort knowing that the Lord has promised good for us. So, until we can physically be together again, we will appreciate the small ways that we can stay close with one another and share in each other’s lives.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.