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A Call to Die

by Briley Hancock, FCS Student, 10th Grade The past couple months have been filled with time in God’s Word and convicting lessons that have challenged me in various ways. All the lessons I’ve listened to and read have left me with at least one take away that has helped me become a more genuine follower… Read More»

Wrestling Season

by Johnathan Townsend Sports are hard, but none are as difficult as wrestling. Recently, I joined the high school wrestling team here at Faith. It was rough, and it took a lot of determination to finish the season. Practice was brutal, often ending with my picking myself up off the mat; however, the experience had… Read More»

30 Hour Famine

Going Hungry Now, So Others Eat Later By Katie White Imagine not eating for 30 hours. Sound challenging? Some students didn’t think so. Local students, including six Faith Christian School students, participated in an event called the 30 Hour Famine. The 30 Hour Famine is a global event where students raise money to feed people… Read More»


By Alli Wickes Picture this, it’s Friday night at the Faith Christian Varsity game. The room is pretty packed because it’s not just any game, it is senior night. A large group of kids walk into the gym decked out in all black and make their way to the cheer block section. They sit down… Read More»

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