Hard Work, Fun Times, and a Farewell

By Joe Wickes

Clapping and cheering erupts from the crowd as each name is called. Parents are beaming. Students are excited. The moment is captured by cameras as families line the width of the court. This is Senior Night at Faith Christian School.

For many seniors and their families, this has been a long awaited moment. Years of early morning practices, long rehearsals, devastating defeats and incredible wins have all led up picture 1to this occasion. Each senior, accompanied by his or her guardian(s), walks out and is recognized as a team member, an achiever, and ultimately a leader of that sport or group (pep band). It is a time of honor for the graduating class.

For the crowd, this moment is incredibly special as well. Each student has the opportunity to see a mentor, a friend, a music or sports star get affirmed for their commitment. Seeing something like this is encouraging to students, causing the “erupting” cheers.

picture 2I believe the underclassmen see this ceremony as something of a privilege… Something to look forward to, something to work for.

Looking at all of this, Senior Night is an unforgettable time, made better by the unity and combination of all the winter sports in 2014. It is truly a cry of all the seniors and the underclassmen: hard work, fun times, and a farewell.


Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.