Wrestling Season

by Johnathan Townsend

pict 1Sports are hard, but none are as difficult as wrestling. Recently, I joined the high school wrestling team here at Faith. It was rough, and it took a lot of determination to finish the season. Practice was brutal, often ending with my picking myself up off the mat; however, the experience had its perks as well.

pict 3I learned many lessons about wrestling. Practice was painful; yet, working through the pain, I eventually could keep going despite my sore, aching body. I learned to push myself beyond my physical and mental limits, going further and further than I originally thought I could go. Perseverance was my best friend.

pict 2Unfortunately, I lost a lot of matches throughout the season. There were multiple times when I got really close to winning a match, only to fall short of victory. My final record stands at 3-20, but this season was only my first year of wrestling. I look forward to next season because I know that I will continue to improve my skills and my record.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.