Daddy Daughter Date Night

By Natalie ZickmundPicture 1

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Every year the elementary teachers host a date night for the girls and their fathers.  The school wants to encourage fathers to take time out of their busy schedules to spend more time with their daughters and to show them how special they are.  The night started off with bingo and games, then all of the guests gathered in the gym to enjoy a ball game themed dinner.  The teachers served their guests hot dogs, macaroni, cotton Picture 3candy, and popcorn.  The girls not only got to spend time with their fathers, but also with their friends.

The Peters, who are parents of students at Faith Christian, talked to the girls and their fathers about respecting each other and showing each other love through their daily actions.  The fathers took a minute to tell their daughters three reasons why they are special to them.  It was a heartwarming moment to see all of the dads spending personal time that can often be forgotten on a regular basis.  The annual Daddy Daughter night is always a hit at Faith and is a wonderful opportunity for Fathers to spend time with their daughters away from the worries of life.  The girls love spending time with their dads and with friends in a fun setting.  Over all, the event was a grand slam!

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Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.