Friendship Banquet: from a Servant’s Perspective

Fine Food, Fancy Rooms, and Very Large Serving Trays

by Johnathan Townsend

On Friday, March 14th, I was able to serve at Faith’s Friendship Banquet. The night, for me, was tension-filled when I and my fellow servers gathered together in the gym to receive our instructions. I wandered around, chatting with the others while I worried about how well I was going to perform during the banquet. I worried over the very likely possibility that I was going to spill someone’s drink or drop a plate of food on someone while I entered the crowded room with a large tray of hot food. Questions that I could not remove kept floating back into my head, doing just the opposite of relieving my worry. What if I said something wrong? What if I spilled one of the drinks or I dropped their food? As these questions continuously interrupted my thoughts, the time to serve crept closer.

Fortunately for me, my team was amazing, and the team leader made serving more enjoyable and far less stressful. The night actually turned out to not be a miserable failure, like I imagined it would. Pouring the drinks went smoothly without any drinks being spilled. Gathering meal orders was also uneventful with delivery going even more smoothly.

Setting my relief at all of my potential accidents aside, I must focus on how tiring the night was. I spent the night running around constantly, always on the move so that I could take care of drinks and gather the meals orders. Even with my two team members, it wasn’t the easiest. I ran around so much simply making sure that the cups were full.

By the end of the night, the people were fed and had their fill of tea and water. Dishes were being cleaned, and any of the leftovers were eaten. Alone, I ate a slice of cheesecake, two slices of bread, and drank ten cups of tea. It was awesome….anyway, by the end my legs were numb, and I was grateful to sit down to chat with my fellow servers. It was a great conclusion to a great night, and though I wished that I had been assigned some other job, I wouldn’t have traded my job after the night was finished. It really was a fun night and experience in its own right. Serving others is AWESOME.

FCS Friendship Banquet- Child Care

by Amanda Davies

pict 1Every family wants to go to the Friendship Banquet. However, there is always the problem of what to do with the kids while attending the banquet. If the children are old enough, there is no problem, but what do you do if they aren’t old enough to stay home by themselves? Luckily, here at Faith Christian we cover that for you. The child care is highly notable. There is not a dull moment, not even for the workers.

At Faith Christian School, child care is covered by the high school students and a couple of adults. You might be worried about leaving your kids in the hands of other students, but don’t worry, all of the workers are highly qualified.

Like I said earlier, there is not a dull moment in the child care rooms. The night starts out with free time. Depending on the children’s age, there are different games available including markers, crayons, barbies, army guys, hula hooping and jump roping. If the children are in the oldest group, they are taken outside to the playground. After about an hour and a half, there are snacks consisting of popcorn, pretzels, cheerios and caramel corn. After the snack, it is movie and free time until the parents come to pick them up.

pict 2During the movie, there were 3 little boys that had a little too much energy, as they wouldn’t stop running! So, Mrs. Johns told a group of us (including myself) to take them upstairs to the high school hallway to help them run off some energy. Luckily, I had a soccer ball. We were upstairs running and playing a riveting game of soccer with the little boys for about 45 minutes. Man those kids had a ton of energy! It took awhile, but we finally got them to the point where they were actually tired. Everyone had so much fun!

So as you can see, the child care during the Friendship Banquet was very enjoyable for everyone. I, along with everyone at Faith Christian School, hope that next year when the banquet comes around that you won’t hesitate to come and remember to bring your kids. We promise they will have as much fun (maybe even more) as you!


Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.