VOH Residents and Grads (19 articles)
VOH Residents and Grads

Bigger Than Basketball

After having been a grateful eyewitness to Purdue women’s basketball team bringing home a victory against Wisconsin, we all started to eagerly follow their success in the morning paper at breakfast time. Being so blessed to be able to go to a live game (which was a first for some of us) was enough to get… Read More»

Journaling to Process

A major focus in the VOH house has been the importance of processing.  You don’t get to NOT think.  2 Corinthians 10:3-5 addresses this issue in depth, emphasizing God’s desire for us as Christians to hold our conclusions about reality up to the knowledge of God.  Humans were designed to collect data, and arrive at conclusions… Read More»

Days Without Debbie

It’s been several months since our beloved Debbie worked her final shift as a senior staff and counselor at Vision of Hope.  Her absence from our daily lives is obvious, as she brought depth, wisdom, and experience to our team that will be tough to replace. We are so glad that she has chosen to love and… Read More»

Summer “Break”

Summer is anything but a break here in the VOH house this month! We are busy, busy!  There are many exciting things happening that we want you to be aware of!  New ministry opportunities are on the horizon, the Vision of Hope Homecoming weekend starts tomorrow, and we have just celebrated the graduation of three… Read More»

Race for Hope THIS Saturday!

We are SO excited about this, people!!  We’ve been counting down the days until it arrives, and it is FINALLY right around the corner!  3 days from now is the Race for Hope, our fundraising event for Vision of Hope and Faith Seminary. There is a weekend jam-packed full of activities for the whole family,… Read More»

Law and Order

Recently, I was given the opportunity to serve a current resident of Vision of Hope, while she was involved in some legal proceedings in another state.  Although it is an exception, rather than the rule to accept residents with pending legal situations, I joined this young lady as an extension of Vision of Hope, on… Read More»

Don’t Amuse Me

The book Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild has been the class discussion guide for the VOH residents in the past several days and it has spurred on quite a few challenging, controversial and countercultural conversations. The topic at hand for the residents was to assess whether they were an “Amused” Girl-Gone-Wild, whose… Read More»

Steel Magnolia

Last week the residents began to study the book called, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, written by author and speaker Mary Kassian.  The book contrasts the characteristics of the “Wild Thing” of Proverbs 7 with the qualities possessed by a “Wise Thing”, as discussed throughout other parts of scripture. Conversation during class… Read More»

Class – Group Counseling at Its Finest!

Each weekday morning, the Vision of Hope residents attend class from 9am-11am. Executive Director, Jocelyn Wallace facilitates and moderates the conversation amongst each resident by starting class by asking a blessing and an accountability-type question.  After the group has shared on these subjects, Jocelyn guides the discussion toward the current book study or topic being… Read More»

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