Class – Group Counseling at Its Finest!

Each weekday morning, the Vision of Hope residents attend class from 9am-11am. Executive Director, Jocelyn Wallace facilitates and moderates the conversation amongst each resident by starting class by asking a blessing and an accountability-type question.  After the group has shared on these subjects, Jocelyn guides the discussion toward the current book study or topic being taught. Typically, a book is read together by the residents out loud, then the portion is discussed, with thought-provoking questions asked and sometimes projects, assignments, or challenges given.

Morning class is widely recognized as a hugely beneficial and growing time where staff and residents alike get to see and hear Jocelyn’s heart, experience her creative and refreshing teaching style, and most of all, are exhorted and challenged to assess their personal walk with the Lord.  It is a time where every individual is stretched and faced with the decision of whether or not they will choose to be vulnerable before their peers, accepting the opportunity to embrace the refinement offered through the wisdom and insight of others.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Is it really appropriate for the residents to be discussing their issues and how the topic applies to them in such a public manner?” The answer is that the residents are well aware of the policy that anything and everything of a personal nature that is discussed within the session is not to leave the boundaries of the classroom walls. We believe this practice to be just one more small yet very beneficial way to help the residents (and ourselves!) grow to become more like Christ, who said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

~written by Becky Janho, Intern

VOH Residents and Grads