Days Without Debbie

It’s been several months since our beloved Debbie worked her final shift as a senior staff and counselor at Vision of Hope.  Her absence from our daily lives is obvious, as she brought depth, wisdom, and experience to our team that will be tough to replace. We are so glad that she has chosen to love and devote herself completely to her family, as she focuses on battling cancer.

One of the many blessings that has come from walking through the cancer battle alongside Debbie, has been the opportunity for the residents to learn how to process through some of life’s most natural seasons: trials and change.  As a result of living in close quarters, we have the chance to address the emotions and challenges that have come forth from this trial of Debbie’s.

We asked the residents to share their thoughts and feelings regarding Debbie, how they are adjusting to her being gone, and what truth they are thinking on to keep their minds and hearts steadfast in the midst of this time of transition:

“She’s been the perfect example of going through human suffering with a humble and gracious attitude.  It has been a huge privilege to witness for myself firsthand, someone who fights through a trial with a good attitude, instead of just hearing about people like that.  She gave me encouragement to accept and fight my own personal suffering and battles, and not give up, just like she hasn’t given up.  When you look at people who claim to be believers, you are supposed to see Christ and when I look at Debbie, I definitely see God’s character and attributes.  She has suffered so well and I know that she has brought glory to God”  -VOH Resident

Another VOH Resident said of Debbie,

“I never once saw Debbie complain. She has been such an encouragement to me and I’ve been convicted about my own attitude in the midst of my own problems.  I’ve realized that I’ve sometimes had a self-pitying attitude and I never ever saw that from Debbie. The fact that Debbie is truly living out 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 has really impacted me, I can see it in her life.”

Thank you Debbie for the eternal impact you have made at Vision of Hope.  Your legacy carries on in the lives of the ladies here!

VOH Residents and Grads