What a Normal Weekend Looks Like for a Resident

Wondering what the weekend schedule for the residents of Vision of Hope looks like?  Here’s a glimpse of life around the house:


Saturday’s are enjoyed by the residents because they get an extra hour of sleep and they get to take a rest from their weekday morning workout!  After breakfast the girls attend a special Saturday AM class that includes an extended time of praise and worship and group time.  The remainder of the morning is spent doing various house projects until lunch time. In the afternoon, residents each work together on house chores and room cleaning and are given the opportunity to make phone calls home to family and/or friends. The after-dinner activity is called “Girls Night In” which gets all the residents involved in wacky games and competitions.


Sunday is typically known as the “favorite day of the week” by the residents because it is the day of much needed rest!  After breakfast, the girls attend various Adult Bible Fellowship classes at the church, then go to the church service immediately following. Sunday lunch at the VOH house is treated as a special occasion because families of the residents are welcome to join!  We break out the fine China for serving the meal to our special guest! The afternoon consists of nap time in the upstairs den and visiting hours for family and friends. There is an organized group activity before dinner and for the remainder of the evening the girls are free to spend their time as they wish.

VOH Residents and Grads