Law and Order

Recently, I was given the opportunity to serve a current resident of Vision of Hope, while she was involved in some legal proceedings in another state.  Although it is an exception, rather than the rule to accept residents with pending legal situations, I joined this young lady as an extension of Vision of Hope, on behalf of her counselor, to provide a measure of encouragement, stability, and focus for her as she endured one of the most trying and challenging weeks of her life.

What an honor and blessing it was to experience this week with her.  Being a newcomer to the legal process, I was able to have an outside-looking-in perspective, while gathering information directly from the inside source at the same time! What a learning opportunity!  For one, my confidence in the legal system, which had always been somewhat skewed, (since my only “real” exposure to the legal system had been through television and movies) was completely set straight after seeing that justice can truly and rightly be served, as a result of a fair judge and jury residing over a case.  I was particularly impressed with the detective who worked directly with this young woman.  His love for the Lord and his servant’s heart were apparent, as he sought justice on her behalf, with compassion and genuine concern for her well-being.

Secondly, this young lady challenged and encouraged me, as she was so obviously surrendered to God’s will for her life. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was sustained and strengthened to complete the week in a way that fully honored and glorified God.  She humbly spoke the truth, loved and served those who were involved in the proceedings, and even encouraged others who were directly affected by these proceedings. It was powerful to witness her clinging to the truths of Hebrews 4:14-16, a passage that she often referred to during the week for comfort.

The concept of God as the Righteous Judge has been on my mind and heart, as a result of these legal proceedings. The fact that the One who sets the standard for our lives, is the same One who will pay the price when we fall short of that standard, is a truth that I have come to appreciate on a whole new level, and that, more than any other lesson I’ve taken away from this experience, is wonderful truth, to have reiterated in my life.

VOH Residents and Grads