The Partnership

You’ll see it on our website, letterhead, internal memos, and hear it in our water-cooler conversations. Our mission starts with partnering with parents. Without successful partnership with parents, our mission will be ineffective. In any partnership, at least two parties are working together towards the same goal. For FCS families, this is often a three… Read More»


Preparing Students for Life

At Faith Christian School, part of our mission is to “equip students to live effectively in God’s world.”  Internally, we know what we mean by that statement.  But, what exactly does “equipping” look like, and how exactly does “living effectively” get played out in a student or graduate’s life. I could go on and on… Read More»

Academic Rigor

Can Education Be an Idol?

A couple weeks ago we posted a similar article asking the question “Do Christian parents flirt with the idol of athletics”. Understanding our hearts have the ability to make anything into an idol, we are following up with an article asking the same question in relation to academics. One of our core values extending from… Read More»

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