An FCS senior’s reflection….

Makenzie Adams’ reflects on her time at Faith Christian School

I am so thankful for the experiences God has allowed me to have at Faith Christian School. I can see how the promise in Romans 8:28 holds true in my life, particularly in the way God has worked things for my good and orchestrated for me to a student at FCS. Having been in public school for most of my life, I realize the blessing of attending a Christian school and am so grateful for the spiritual environment I am able to be surrounded with. God moved our family to California about 6 years ago and that experience changed my life for the better; God used the trials I endured in public school to shape my character and help develop my trust in Him. It was difficult to be in an environment where I felt spiritually drained at the end of each day and was surrounded by darkness. I started praying that I might be able to attend a Christian school, believing that I would thrive in such an environment. God opened the door for me to be able to go to a Christian school for my sophomore year while still in California; this experience was amazing for me because I had never had the opportunity to be in a Christian school before. I was so impressed by the opportunities I was presented with, such as Chapels, Bible class, and even being able to pray before class. The experience was so different to what I had been exposed to in public school before and I was thrilled for the spiritual environment and opportunities to further grow in my faith. When my family made the decision to move back to Indiana my junior year, I begged for the opportunity to be enrolled in a Christian school; I loved being able to go to school and see a Bible on the desk, it was such an encouraging thing to me compared to what I had experienced in public school before. My parents knew of Faith and had heard lots of great things about it; we knew that the students here would be held to a higher standard and my experience at Faith would be even more exemplary. Much to my disappointment, it seemed highly unlikely I would be able to attend because of the expenses and the fact that my family lived an hour away from Faith. However, God made it clear that He wanted me at Faith and I am so thankful for the way He provided in opening the door for me to attend here. The staff greatly helped us and made it evident that they wanted to partner with our family. They told us they were praying for us and poured out such love to our family; all of these factors added to my excitement about attending FCS. The administration was so helpful and encouraging to us and emphasized how Faith is a family-oriented school and considers their student body to be one big family. I loved the idea of my school being in an actual Church because this would add to the spiritual environment and just make me feel so surrounded by God’s people. I was ecstatic about coming here and even though the long drive every day seemed daunting, Faith has been SO worth it. I am so extremely grateful to go here; the Godly relationships I have developed with students, staff, and faculty have been such an encouragement in my life. I love being surrounded by people who care about their walk with God and desire to grow in their relationship with Him. The staff all do their work in a way that represents a love for God and their students; they exemplify their care and concern for their students. I have greatly enjoyed participating in Eagles cross country and track and been thrilled with the opportunity to represent Faith on an athletic platform; one unique thing that I have loved about my experience in Faith athletics has been that our track uniforms simply say “faith” across the front. I think it has been such a cool opportunity to go to competitions where a lot of public schools are present, and I have the opportunity to represent an amazing Christian school. Through my coaches and school’s influence, I know the importance of representing Jesus and my school well through my conduct, behavior, and attitude. This has been a great platform for me to share my faith because I am representing FCS with my jersey; that one word “faith” is simple but catches people’s attention because it sets me apart from the rest of the world.  It has been such a blessing to enjoy chapels and the worship experience makes me so thankful I have the privilege to be spiritually encouraged in a school setting. Faith staff pushes us to excel in academics but they also help us realize the most important priority is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of the phenomenal experiences I have had here, my family decided to send my siblings here as well; they knew the blessing Faith had been in my life and could see my spiritual growth and they wanted those spiritual foundations and grounding made available at school to supplement what my parents were teaching us at home. God is my everything and I am so thankful for Faith Christian School because I know He has used it in my life to grow and stretch me in my walk with Him. I am sad to leave this amazing place as I graduate soon, but I trust that God will continue to do a great work here and use Faith as a beacon of light in the community and even the world. I am honored to have the opportunity to be an FCS graduate; the lessons and experiences I have had here have shaped my character and helped develop who I am in Christ. I will never forget the influence and impact Faith has had on my life. I am forever grateful for God bringing me here and know that the spiritual lessons I have learned at Faith will always hold a special place in my heart and help me as I go out into the world further His Kingdom.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.