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The Partnership

You’ll see it on our website, letterhead, internal memos, and hear it in our water-cooler conversations. Our mission starts with partnering with parents. Without successful partnership with parents, our mission will be ineffective. In any partnership, at least two parties are working together towards the same goal. For FCS families, this is often a three… Read More»


A Call to Die

by Briley Hancock, FCS Student, 10th Grade The past couple months have been filled with time in God’s Word and convicting lessons that have challenged me in various ways. All the lessons I’ve listened to and read have left me with at least one take away that has helped me become a more genuine follower… Read More»

Katie McAllister

A “Wild” Summer- Ever since I was a seventh grader, my church has taken a week during summer vacation to head down to the Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center in Brevard, North Carolina. From my first visit to the Wilds, I couldn’t wait until I would be old enough to work there. Having graduated… Read More»

Micayla Zeger

Hi, my name is Micayla Zeger, and I will be a junior at Faith Christian School next year. I’ve been attending Faith since I moved to Indiana in 2006 as a fourth grade student. Before we even came to visit the school my mom knew she wanted us here, but she also knew there was… Read More»

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