Levi Starrett, Class of 2013

Growing up in Faith Christian School was easy to take for granted. It was not until I graduated and began seriously interacting with students from different backgrounds that I realized how fortunate I had been in my high school experience.

Levi was involved in the production of "Around the World in 80 Days," in which he played the part of Phileas Fogg.

This fall I moved out of my parents’ house and into an apartment close to Purdue campus where I am studying Computer Science. Not only am I meeting many different students from various backgrounds in my classes, but I have the privilege/challenge of living with three roommates, two of which I had never met before a week and a half ago. I am finding more and more how well I have been prepared mentally, spiritually, and even physically by the teachers and administrators at Faith Christian School.

Academically, I could not have asked for more from Faith. Not only was the quality of education excellent, but the teachers cultivated an environment in which self-discovery and learning by experience could happen. At Faith, I had plenty of opportunity to collaborate on group projects, learn on my own, participate in stimulating forms of student leadership, and learn valuable skills and lessons from service to both the school itself and the community. Furthermore, Faith’s excellent AP program set me up for success. Through AP classes offered at Faith, I was able to enter my freshman year at Purdue with thirty credits, a full quarter of my required credits for my degree. The teachers’ incredible foresight of material has been invaluable and even in the first week of classes, I have been able to apply concepts I’ve learned in these courses.

I am incredibly grateful to Faith Christian School for the emphasis it has put on physical fitness and wellness. Through physical education classes, health classes, sports, and even general cultural atmosphere, Faith has done an excellent job in instilling a desire to have a body fit to serve the LORD. This has continued to encourage me throughout the summer and into the fall to use my body as a tool for God’s glory and to continue to strengthen and take care of it even during the semester.

The spiritual guidance at Faith Christian School is difficult to match. Not only is Faith dedicated to strong, clear, biblical teaching, but also it is very difficult at Faith to hide. The relationships cultivated at Faith are designed to be very close and intimate, even between teachers and students. Many of my closest accountability relationships were a direct result of Faith or in close conjunction with its administration. Additionally, I have never felt like the teachers were unapproachable. I was always comfortable sharing my struggles with my teachers, and they were always gracious to advise me in biblical counsel. I owe much of my growth in Christ-likeness to the strong teaching and guidance at Faith. I feel very prepared to step out into an unbelieving world, knowing I have God on my side, the Bible as my guide, and the faithful support of all those at Faith.

The teachers and curriculum at Faith have made a huge impact on my life, and in my perception, have set me up for college better than I could have hoped for. Faith truly has blessed my life and put me on a path to love the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength and with all my mind (Luke 10:27).

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.