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Wise Boundaries, Part 2

We all have areas of sin in which we struggle the most. In our previous blog, we talked about how we can build up wise boundaries in our sin struggles to help us in the fight to please God. Today, we will dig more into that subject, as we examine the principles of setting up… Read More»


Wise Boundaries, Part 1

We all have areas of our lives in which we are tempted the most. One person may be often tempted by food – overindulging, obsessing over calories, etc. Another may be often tempted to gossip – speak to others about a situation or person when the listener is neither a part of the problem nor… Read More»


The Purpose of Life

Many struggle to find their purpose. Those in despair feel that life is meaningless, those who are going through a trial wonder what’s the point. When faced with life’s decisions, what should be our main goal? Knowing our goal and purpose of life affects us deeply. If a person’s goal is to have a life of… Read More»

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God’s Word as a Mirror

I’m getting ready to dash out the door to work, but I pause long enough to brush my teeth and glance in the mirror. That’s when I notice it-somehow, a big blob of peanut butter ended up on my chin instead of on my toast! But it’s just peanut butter, I’m in a hurry, and… Read More»


Handling Emotions: Genesis 4:4-7

Emotions are powerful, and sometimes seem as though they are either a blessing or a curse. God has given us emotions for a purpose, but it can be so easy to let our emotions run our lives instead of seeing them as God has intended. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the place of… Read More»


Content in Him: Part 3

Well, we have certainly been both encouraged and challenged as we have studied the topic of contentment in these past several blogs. The scriptures hold so many rich truths that remind us of the wonderful God we serve – what could be better? We will wrap up today by finishing our study in Psalm 84…. Read More»


Content in Him: Part 2

It’s in our nature to struggle with discontentment. From a very early age, we naturally want more and are jealous of other people’s possessions. But in Christ, we are new creations and can fight against discontentment to find true and lasting contentment in Him! In a previous blog, we talked about remembering who God is… Read More»