J Term Excitement

J Term Implemented One of Faith Christian School’s initiatives this year was to incorporate J Term into the school program.  J Term is a 2-week educational program that focuses on concentrated or creative study.  Experiences may include extended classroom study, travel, or internships.  A major goal of J Term is to help students discover their God-given,… Read More»

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a Name? A very famous question posed by William Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet has been used by many people in a sarcastic way when mistakenly referencing someone else.  Could the same question be posed by someone when they think of Faith Christian School – so, what’s in a name??  Three… Read More»

Grass Hut

Every week we have chapel for the Jr. and Sr. high students. We generally have a time of reflection, prayer, worship, and a message. Our chapels have been really encouraging, as well as challenging, to our spiritual growth. In the last chapel of each month, we try to have a student life focus with student challenges, random… Read More»

Legal Pad

New Priorities One of my priorities this year was to be more involved in the lives of students at Faith Christian School. I really want to understand and relate to our students on a personal basis and so I realized that I was going to need to plan to make time in my daily schedule…. Read More»

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