6th Grade Foundations for Success at Camp Tecumseh

A Successful Launch for 6th Grade

At the end of just the third week of school, our sixth graders and several parent and staff chaperones spent two days and a night at Camp Tecumseh YMCA.  What an amazing time we had!  In my brief orientation to the students before the trip, I said that two things would be necessary to make the trip a success for each one of them:  1) Whole-hearted participation, and 2) Supporting your teammates no matter what.  Students applied those qualities extremely well, and this trip was one of our best ever.

One of my memories is just of laughing so much together with the students and leaders.  It was truly a refreshing and meaningful time.  Also, I was so impressed with their perseverance and mutual encouragement.  That doesn’t mean every attempt at a task “succeeded,” but lessons were learned and relationships were strengthened.  I believe God can use these to further accomplish His mission in and through the 6th graders at Faith Christian School.

Foundations for Success

This program is designed to help students develop the skills of problem solving, self confidence, trust, communication, and leadership through many different lessons and activities.  Camp Tecumseh defines these foundations as follows:

  • Problem Solving: Finding the best possible solution to any given problem.
  • Self Confidence: Believing that if I really try, I can achieve the task I face.
  • Trust: Gaining others’ respect by acting towards them in a responsible way.
  • Communication: Transferring ideas in an understandable way from one person to another.
  • Leadership: Helping others to be successful.

We also explored the Biblical aspect of each of these foundations, including placing our ultimate confidence in Christ.

In Their Own Words

The following are very insightful observations by Mr. Brownfield and several of the 6th graders about their experiences:

1.)    Camp is a great chance for the students to learn in an environment outside of the classroom!  It is great to see students using all different types of learning styles.

“Camp Tecumseh was great fun AND a learning experience.  It taught us how to work together, to love each other, and to believe.” -Victoria

2.)    A trip like this reminds us of what amazing families and parents our school has.  Without the service of many parent chaperons, the activities at camp wouldn’t be possible.  The parents actually lead many of the trails and taught the lessons.

“We had some challenging times, and we all had fun.  We had awesome leaders.” -Levi

3.)    Camp is a change from the norm.  Our lessons are taught on the trails, we are outdoors almost all day, we sleep in bunks in the cabins, we eat family style in the mess hall, we get up early, we stay up late, and we are away from all of the technology of everyday life.  We had so much fun!  We rode down the silver bullet, took many turns on the black hole, tried the climbing wall, and even did a ropes course!

“Camp Tecumseh is important because it teaches children how to have a better future.  It helps them to know that they can trust in God always.” -Jacquie

4.)    Camp is a chance to do hard things!  The activities at camp are mentally and physically challenging.  It serves us well to be pushed to our limits.  We get to demonstrate persistence and perseverance.

“I learned trust on the rock climbing wall.  I had to trust that my counselor was holding the rope, so I wouldn’t fall.” -Joelle

5.)    By going early in the school year, we build a great foundation for our year.  This trip gets the students thinking about what it means to love one another and ultimately love God.

“The 6th grade put on skits about the ‘Foundations of Success’ we see in Bible stories.  The Bible story we chose was our sin problem and how Jesus solved our problem by dying on the Cross and rising again three days later.  Isn’t it amazing that we have a God who shows us grace? – Dakota


Jonathan Lambeth