If God Had Voice Mail

-Niki Pherson, 5th Grade Teacher

If you could leave a voice mail for God, what would you say? FCS’s fifth grade students presented a powerful skit at this year’s Grandparents’ Day program. The skit that I adapted* was packed full of fun, humor, and some pretty deep theology.  It began with a frustrated mother who was certain that God didn’t understand how difficult her life was.  She couldn’t WAIT to call God and give Him advice.

Voice Mail Options

As our fifth graders recited God’s voice mail options aloud, one could hear plenty of laughter coming from the grandparents.  As I joined in on the laughter, I wondered which number I would need to press on any given day.  As you read through a few of the options, consider which one you would choose and what it reveals about you.

  1. If you wish to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to show gratitude to God for all of the blessings He gives you, please press one. There is currently NO wait.
  2. If you wish to intercede on behalf of a friend or loved one who has an urgent need, please press 2. There is currently a FOUR MINUTE WAIT.
  3. If you wish to complain to God about somebody or something that is annoying to you, please press 3.  There is currently a NINE HOUR WAIT.
  4. If you wish to offer God advice on how you think things should work, please press 4. There is currently a TWELVE YEAR WAIT.
  5. If you wish to request something you think you need to be happy, but don’t really need at all, please press five.  There is currently a LIFETIME WAIT.
  6. If you wish to learn patience, please STAY ON THE LINE.
  7. If you wish to grow in your relationship with God, or to simply enjoy His presence, please disregard this menu completely, hang up… and WAIT.

God Speaks Through His Word

The students concluded by reciting a passage from Isaiah telling us that those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength.  We don’t have God’s voice mail to give us reminders, but we certainly have His Word to convict us each day!  Thank you, fifth grade students, for sharing the enjoyable skit and inspired scripture!

Isaiah 40:31

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.


*skit adapted from The Skit Guys

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.