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Eagle Fit–Students Helping Students!

The mission of Faith Christian School is to help parents raise their children to live effectively in God’s world.  This includes helping those in need who really want a Christian education.  FCS is not about making “private education” a status symbol.  Instead, FCS strives to glorify God by making excellent, Christ-centered, academic training and discipleship available, affordable, and highly… Read More»


“They Keep Singing This Song!”

by Mr. Nathan Jones, Elementary Music Director I’ve heard that statement from many parents since school started back in August. That’s great to hear! Everyone loves music—singing it, moving to it, playing it—even just listening to it. Here are some ways that we’re helping our students love music in new ways this year.

Where Are We Going?

I recently went on a trip to Virginia, and I copied off directions from Mapquest.  Since I did not look at a map, I did not have a “Big Picture View” of where I was going.  During the course of this trip, the passengers in my vehicle would ask, “Where are we?”  It was a good… Read More»

J Term Excitement

J Term Implemented One of Faith Christian School’s initiatives this year was to incorporate J Term into the school program.  J Term is a 2-week educational program that focuses on concentrated or creative study.  Experiences may include extended classroom study, travel, or internships.  A major goal of J Term is to help students discover their God-given,… Read More»

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