“Students Helping Students!” through EAGLE FIT

“‘Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the robbers’ hands?’  And he said, ‘The one who showed mercy toward him.’  Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do the same.’”  Luke 10:36-37 (NASB) These familiar words of Jesus motivate his followers time and time again to show love and do good to those in need around them.  One way the elementary students at Faith Christian School are applying this principle is through the Eagle Fit program.

What is the Goal?

Our goal through Eagle Fit is to enable deserving students to attend Faith Christian School by raising at least $28,000 for the Faith Christian School tuition assistance fund.  This is a goal we have reached before and I believe we can do it again!  That essentially means each elementary student needs to have a goal of raising at least $100 by April 23rd.  Together, we can make a huge impact, but we need everyone’s help.

How does Eagle Fit work?

Please read the information that has been sent home with your child’s Eagle Fit envelope and watch this video.  Then, please facilitate your child’s efforts of helping other students attend FCS.  Help them think through who they could talk to in your circle of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., who might be interested in helping students receive an excellent, Christian education. Special Note– Students may just ask for a donation of any amount.  It does NOT have to be tied to a certain number of laps, jumps, or a specific “cost to sponsor” these activities.  Initially, we tried to make this connection, but that proved to be too complicated.  The new forms coming home will reflect this change.  Students can now simply say something like . .

  • My name is ______, and I am working in a program called Eagle Fit to help students in need at my school.
  • My part is to exercise by ________(choice of running, jumping rope, skip-jumping, or pogo jumping).
  • Will you please sponsor me so I can help other students attend Faith Christian School?

All the donations are to be collected up front by the students and donor information should be recorded on the envelope.  Then the envelopes with donations are turned in each Monday to the students’ teachers.

Why is it called Eagle “FIT?”

In Eagle Fit, students are building good habits and healthy choices by selecting and practicing fun, physical activities.  They also receive some basic instruction on healthy eating and effective training.  The students raise money each week by asking people to sponsor them with donations for doing their selected exercise.  On April 25, students will carry out their final part of Eagle Fit at school by participating in their chosen exercise for 20 minutes. Will you please enable your elementary children to be an amazing blessing to their fellow students by helping them ask people to sponsor them in Eagle Fit?  Twenty-eight students who otherwise would not be able to attend FCS will be able to do so through your gracious efforts.

Jonathan Lambeth