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How To Show Our Gratitude

What has become of Thanks-giving? Growing up I remember people, from all over the globe, actually taking time from their busy schedules, to express some level of thanks for all they had in their lives.  Although giving thanks for a bountiful harvest is part of the historical traditions of Thanksgiving Day, the response of showing… Read More»

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A Place Where People Want to Worship

That church I attended called itself “The friendliest church in New York.” Now, I did not visit every single church while I was there, so I can’t verify that that claim was true. However, based on the way I was treated, I can tell you that if this church was not the friendliest church in New York, it would have given the friendliest church a run for its money.

The people there were so welcoming to me that I continued to worship there for the rest of my time in the New York. At a time in my life when I was a new believer, living in a new city, building all new relationship, this church made me feel like I was part of a family.

Friendliness goes a long way.


Meet the Director of Community Ministries

Having previously worked as an accountant, I am amazed and humbled to be given an opportunity to direct Community Ministries here at Faith.  Some of my current responsibilities include the oversight of a great community center, which incorporates the administration of a beautiful building, grounds, staff, and a host of volunteers to support its everyday… Read More»

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A Failed Story of Evangelism

The Meeting Allen was wandering through the halls of Faith (then Baptist) Church one day when he was looking for the Counseling Office, instead he found the intern office. As he sheepishly popped his head in and asked for directions, I rose out of my seat and volunteered to take him down to the office. … Read More»


Ollies, Kickflips and the Gospel

The sun beats down hot on the concrete, metal and wood of the Lafayette Community Skate Park.  A lone skater stands at the top of the half-pipe.  With his shoes firmly attached to the grip tape on his skateboard, he adjusts his helmet and prepares to drop in and perfect his newest trick. The skateboarders,… Read More»

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