Ollies, Kickflips and the Gospel

The sun beats down hot on the concrete, metal and wood of the Lafayette Community Skate Park.  A lone skater stands at the top of the half-pipe.  With his shoes firmly attached to the grip tape on his skateboard, he adjusts his helmet and prepares to drop in and perfect his newest trick.

The skateboarders, scooter riders, rollerbladers, and stunt bikers of Tippecanoe County have the opportunity to skate in a safe and professional grade skate park provided by Faith Church.  The mission of the Lafayette Community Skate Park is to glorify God by meeting a community need, winning participants to Jesus Christ, and equipping them to be faithful disciples.

Meeting a Community Need

It takes room to perfect these extreme sports!  Riding on the road is not advisable because of the added risk of accidents.  Riding in a business’ parking lot is frowned upon.  Having your own ramps quickly becomes expensive.  So where is there to go?  In Lafayette, skaters have the opportunity to skate at the Lafayette Community Skate Park located next to the Faith Community Center.

Winning Participants to Jesus Christ

On Friday nights the skate park hosts Truth Talk.  Truth Talk is an hour period of time set aside to talk about the truths of life found in God’s Word in a context that is engaging and inviting for BMX bikers, skateboarders, in-line skaters, and those who ride scooters—those using the skate park.  It is during this time that our guests have the opportunity to ask questions and discover what God’s Word teaches.

On this Saturday, August 11, the skate park will host a Skate Competition.  At this event skaters will show off their best tricks as well as have the opportunity to be cheered on by a crowd.  The Gospel will be clearly presented to all the participants and spectators.

Equipping Them to Be Faithful Disciples

Through connections to Faith Church, any skater who wishes to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ will have the opportunity to attend the church, and all the various ministries of the church, that will help them be equipped.

God has provided us with a unique ministry tool, and we get to maximize that tool for the glory of God.

Johnny Kjaer
Johnny Kjaer oversees the Youth Ministries at Faith Church. He can often be found serving the community with the teenagers. His passion is to assist parents in training their teens to love the Lord. He and his wife, Tori, have four children; Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti, and Hroarr.