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David ChristensenDavid Christensen is a pastoral intern at Faith Church. He is married to his wife Kelly of more than 3 years. He regularly attempts to blog at http://HisGloryYourJoy.blogspot.com, and can be followed on twitter here.  

Summer Servant Training — 2015

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the training or desire to review what was covered, we have posted the video below for your convenience. Enjoy! Other Training Videos that Might Interest You: Check-In & Check-Out Procedures Planning Your Class Time Using Our Sunday Curriculum Serving Effectively as a Class Assistant Other Helpful… Read More»


Winter Break @ Faith

[expand title=”An Open Invitation” swaptitle=”An Open Invitation” rel=”Invitation-highlander” alt=”Click to toggle visibilty” trigclass=”arrowright” expanded=”true” tag=”h2″] [/expand] [expand title=”Location & Directions” swaptitle=”Location & Directions” rel=”location-highlander” alt=”Click to toggle visibilty” trigclass=”arrowright” expanded=”true” tag=”h2″] Faith East Community Center 5572 Mercy Way Lafayette, IN 47905 Directions — 765-448-1986 [/expand] [expand title=”Grade & Time Divisions” swaptitle=”Grade & Time Divisions” rel=”GradeTime-highlander”… Read More»


Taste the Nations — Let the Nations be Glad

[expand title=”What is it?” swaptitle=”What is it?” tag=”h2″ rel=”what-highlander” alt=”Click to toggle visibilty” trigclass=”noarrow” expanded=”true” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]Taste the Nations is a pair of studies that will take place at Faith this year. We will be studying Let the Nations be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions, by John Piper.[1] Watch the promotional video below… Read More»

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