Sunday School Preview: June 15, 2014

Christians currently live in between Jesus’ two victories: the cross and the last battle which occurs here in Revelation 20:1-15. These battles and the time we currently live in may be understood through this analogy. The battle which Jesus decisively won over sin and death at the cross is like D-day where Hitler is decisively defeated; however, like Hitler, sin and death still plague us now as we live between the decisive victory and the last battle. At V-Day in WWII, the victory was won which ended the war once for all, and it will be the same when the last battle pictured in Revelation 20:1-15 occurs.

Watch the video above to get more helpful insight into this week’s lesson!

David Christensen
David Christensen is a pastoral intern at Faith Church. He is married to his wife Kelly of more than 3 years. He regularly attempts to blog at, and can be followed on twitter here.