Resident Reflection

I am almost finished with my time at Vision of Hope. I will be transitioning out of the house and into phase three by the end of next week, so I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past few days. Once again, God has given more than I had imagined and has demonstrated his… Read More»

Resident Reflection: My Dream

Shared with permission. . . My Dream The fires of Hell made me shiver in fear There’s no way out of darkness and despair God, take this terrible pain away! The burns on my arms go to my bones, And the ash in my eyes makes them bleed! The feeling of hopelessness and loss has… Read More»

Breaking News!: Living Nativity

Each year Faith Baptist Church puts together the Living Nativity. There are many life size scenes with real actors portraying different scenes from the events of the Bible. About 10,000 visitors come through during the two weekends that the Nativity is open. This year the VOH girls participate during the second weekend and were cast… Read More»

Resident Reflection: Ignited

Shared with permission . . . No, no please not todayI really don’t want to come out and playThe thoughts in my head they come and they goDisguising the truth in what I already knowOutside Cocaine spins round and roundIf only I could see just one more poundHere comes porter he wants me to runOh… Read More»

Breaking News!: VOH Christmas Party

Both last year and this year we tried to make Christmas very special for our VOH girls. Unfortunately, Christmas past sometimes does not have pleasant memories, and Christmas future is a scary proposition, so we try to make Christmas present the start of something new and beautiful. This year instead of going out for a… Read More»

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