The Benefits of Going into Phase II on a Residents Schedule

Vision of Hope is a three step program where residents move from stages called “Phases”, based on their individual desire to learn, grow and progress according to set standards.  The biggest leap for residents takes place when they move from Phase I to Phase II, where they experience greater freedom and expanded responsibility for their schedules, eating habits, and time management.

The greatest benefit of moving from Phase I to Phase II for a resident is the chance to put into practice what they’ve learned!  In Phase I, a great deal of time and effort is put forth in the classroom and on homework with the goal of gaining knowledge of the truth of the Word of God. In Phase II, the girls get the opportunity to take the knowledge they’ve gained and apply it to their daily lives, helping it to practically become heart knowledge through life experience.

It is a real blessing that the residents get to practice spreading their wings, re-entering the work force and increasing their involvement in the local church, all while still under the protection and safety net of counselors and staff at Vision of Hope. The goal is to restore each of these young women to independent contributors in their families, churches and communities and the first small step toward that end is progressing from Phase I to Phase II- It’s an exciting and encouraging monument along the path of redemption for these young ladies!

VOH Residents and Grads