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Should a Boy Wrestle a Girl?

This question was raised last year due to the Iowa High School State Wrestling trournament.  For the first time in history, girls competed in the Iowa state wrestling tournament.  Joel Northrup, a home-schooled sophomore who wrestles for Linn-Mar High School, made a decision, based on his faith, not to wrestle Cassy Herkelman, a female.  Who knew this would… Read More»


What’s the Point?

Have you ever listened intently to someone begin to ramble on and on and on…to the extent that you begin to think “What’s the point?”  Your brain is searching for a fixing point that connects all these perceived, or real, random words.  Ironically, the question can be both offensive and helpful and directive if asked…. Read More»

Summer is Almost Over. What Now?

Whether after a killer spike in volleyball, a masterful upper corner shot in the soccer goal, a touchdown pass, or a perfectly completed marching band performance in a town parade, one popular expression today is “What Now”.  And it’s usually accompanied by a bit of a fun, energetic, and sometimes arrogant, tude. Well, summer is about over,… Read More»

Is lying a sin?

Is lying a sin?  Is it wrong?  Some say, whithout hesitation, “Hello, of course it is. What are you thinking?”  Others may be thinking “Yeah, but…”.  (If this is you, keep reading.) Here are some situations and reasons teens have told me they lie, or are especially tempted to lie: To hide something wrong he/she… Read More»

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