Is “Hard” Bad?

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So, you had trouble with your locker… Or better yet, your locker is by someone you don’t get along with… It’s going to be a hard year.

You have a new class schedule with classes that are unfamiliar and much harder.  After day one of class, you know this year is going to be your hardest year ever.

You have a teacher that is known for being the toughest, pickiest grader in your school.  Your cake-walk year just turned into boot camp. “Hard” is written all over this class.

You are not ten anymore.  You’re older now.  Mom and dad expect you to pull your weight more.  Your thinking is “My parents have no clue about all the work I do.  My days are long.  I get up, go to school, practice, do homework until late, and they want me to do work around the house…”   Your schedule is hard.

You have to share your time with your parents, one week with mom, one week with dad, due to their divorce.  Living is “hard.”

Your best friend just challenged you in front of your other close friends.  You feel like your gut is coming through your throat.  You are angry, hurt, and confused at the same time.  How could someone so close say such powerful things?  Dealing with this situation is going to be “hard.”

So life is “hard.” But is “hard” bad?

Think about this…  What if hard did not exist for the following people and situations:

  • The child in school
  • The athlete while in training for a sport
  • The musician when practicing for the recital
  • The surgeon in medical school
  • The young adult preparing to be a first time parent
  • The soldier in boot camp
  • The follower of Christ that wants to show the world his or her faith

If these people did not ever experience “hard,” …

  • …the child would not learn
  • …the athlete would be a sluggard
  • …the musician would never perform
  • …the med student would drop out
  • …the young parent would give their child away, or abuse him/her
  • …our country would have no defense
  • …the name of Christ would be laughed at

“Hard” is not the enemy. “Hard” is God’s tool for growth & strength.

Maybe it’s time we embrace “hard” in life.

Want to know what God says on the matter.  Here is where some of His words are found:

  • Genesis 37-50
  • The book of Job
  • The gospel of John chapters 12-21
  • Romans 5:1-6
  • Romans 8:28-29
  • The book of First Peter
Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.