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School Initiatives

Written by Denny Vauters Second semester always seems to run a little bit faster than first semester. The days feel a bit shorter, and we have tons of school life packed into a few months. We are gearing up for re-enrollment and new enrollment with some special events to reach new families in our community…. Read More»


For the Bible Told Me So

Every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m., the faculty at Faith Christian School meets for devotions. This year we have been going through a study entitled Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz. To say that this has been a helpful resource would be an understatement. This past week we started the chapter “The School and The Bible”. This… Read More»

weekly insight

Weekly Insight

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is interesting for me to think about the things that I can take for granted that I should especially be thankful for.  I have a good friend who starts many of his prayers by thanking God for the ability to breathe, for a warm bed, for a healthy body, for the… Read More»

weekly insight

Weekly Insight

“Partnering with parents to help train and equip students to live effectively in God’s world”  is the mission statement of Faith Christian School.  I, along with the other members of our school’s administration, seek to communicate parts of this mission to students and parents whenever it is appropriate because we believe that much of what is accomplished… Read More»

weekly insight

Weekly Insight

I picked up a book entitled “When Good Kids Make Bad Choices”, and I was struck by one of the headings in the book that said, “Amazing Grace: Still Amazing”.  Wow – what a thought!  At the end of the day, it’s still the Lord who changes hearts and lives through His Spirit and His amazing… Read More»


Growing on to Maturity

This year, two things went terribly wrong with many crops:  a late freeze followed by a drought.  Two extremes, about as far apart as can be imagined, had the same effect–little or no “fruit.”  The first event explains why my family had ONE–yes, one–apple on our tree, and only five peaches.  We had even tried to protect the branches.  We… Read More»


Eagle Fit–Students Helping Students!

The mission of Faith Christian School is to help parents raise their children to live effectively in God’s world.  This includes helping those in need who really want a Christian education.  FCS is not about making “private education” a status symbol.  Instead, FCS strives to glorify God by making excellent, Christ-centered, academic training and discipleship available, affordable, and highly… Read More»

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