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An Answer to Pride

Featured Image: Vladimir Borovikovsky. Job and His Friends. 1810s  If you are struggling with Pride, one of the most helpful things you can do is to get a healthy dose of who God is.  God chooses to speak in the book of Job, and how He does is quite amazing. Learning from Job Below are a… Read More»


What is True Beauty?

On January 23, our second daughter, Eden, entered the world after five short hours of labor. My husband, Nick, and I rejoiced over our sweet little baby and the blessing of being parents to two little girls. Nick is most definitely outnumbered by ladies in our home. As we enjoyed our newest bundle of joy,… Read More»


Keeping Your Cool?

Do you keep your cool? Being in ministry allows pastors to see people when they are at their best, and their worst.  We see how people can rise to overcome challenges of sin like they never thought it possible before.  We can see marriages restored and friendships healed.  We get to see so many amazing… Read More»

Books of the Bible Chart

A Quick Survey of the Bible

Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of teaching a class called Overview of Bible Study. During the course of this class, we’ve taken entire books of the Bible and studied them as a group, building confidence in both God’s ability to pierce our hearts with truth and our ability to comprehend what he… Read More»


Your Guide to Free Christian Resources

“Nothing in life is free!”  Haven’t we all heard that saying before?  Or perhaps you’re more familiar with “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!”  Today, my goal is to prove to you that both of these phrases are simply NOT TRUE! During my time in seminary, I have been exposed to a vast… Read More»


Avoiding Legalism in your home

If you were at Faith on Sunday, then you heard Pastor Steve Viars speak candidly regarding the dangers of various types of legalism in the church. Legalism is not defined by the existence of a rule or a principle to be followed; legalism is the evaluation of a person’s spirituality on the basis of their willingness to… Read More»

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