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How I Gained 16 Granddaughters in One Day!

A team from Faith church went to Dominican Republic to serve in Fundación Red Misericordia (Mercy Network Foundation) and one member found new granddaughters! Fundación Red Misericordia is a private orphanage overseen by Senora Olga Arocha.  The Fundación currently has three orphanage homes where the children are provided and cared for in a Christian environment…. Read More»

Missions in Dominican Republic

I just returned from a survey trip to the Dominican Republic (DR) with a team representing Faith Church, Fellowship Greenville and Faith Global Missions.  We were encouraged, thankful, convicted and challenged by what we observed.  I hope you enjoy this brief report and follow the links to see pictures and learn more about what God… Read More»

Catching My Breath

This has been a whirlwind week.  After a 48 hour delay in Detroit, our team arrived in Brazil early Monday morning. Almost all our luggage made it with us.  I say, almost, because mine (David) did was not to be found.  When the Delta agent ran a trace he told me the bag was still in… Read More»

FGM Goes to South Africa

Dr. Wayne Mack is one of the most respected leaders and authors in the Biblical Counseling movement. In 2006, Dr. Mack and his wife Carol moved to South Africa to begin Grace School of Ministry, dedicated to providing a seminary level education in Biblical Counseling. This ministry is under the direction of Grace Fellowship Church… Read More»

Comments from Moldova

Here are some of the comments we received regarding the teaching in Moldova March 7-12. “You have made the Word of God so practical for us…” “The teaching you have shared with us has helped us personally prepare to be parents…” “We have been nourished by the Word of God this week.” “I understand now… Read More»

A Weekend in Anini Noi, Moldova

Scott and I finished teaching two 3-day conferences on Pre-Marriage and Marriage Biblical Counseling in two locations in Moldova.  We began in churches in Cahul in southern Moldova last Sunday, followed by 3 days of teaching to a group of about 70 hosted in Emanuel Baptist Church.  Then we drove 3-4 hours to the village… Read More»

Moldova Update Mar 12, 2011

Today is the last day of the second of two conferences we have taught in Moldova this week.  It is Saturday, March 12, 2011.  Only four hours of teaching left … I outlined some very basic biblical principles of finances in one hour … 30 minutes of teaching after translation.  Then Scott taught for one hour on… Read More»

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