Moldova Update Mar 11, 2011

It is very encouraging to interact with these pastors and church leaders in Moldova regarding the sufficiency of God’s word. Today is Friday, Mar 11 and it is warmer than it has been any other morning.  I think the temperature is above freezing this morning and it is a sunny day.

Today we shared the biblical role of the wofe, then I, David, taught on biblical principles of communication and Scott taught on biblical principles of forgiveness.  The teaching went well and the people areeagerly listending and  interacting with good comments and questions.  Almost everyone is taking copious notes as we teach so it is helpful for us to enumerate the important headings.  I think this may actually be working better than if the people had a handout with our outlines on it.

Supper was good, as usual and we took part of the evening to pack all our belongings so we would be ready to depart after Saturday’s classes, though we would not yet be going home.

David Selvey<
David is the pastor of global outreach at Faith Church and the executive director of Faith Global Missions. He serves as a counselor in Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry and teaches in and plans international conferences. David has served as a missionary and worked as a small business owner. He and his wife, Kathy, have lived in Indiana since 1995 and have been members of Faith Church since 1996.