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What is Love?

We talk about love all the time. We ask if our comments were ‘loving’; if our actions were ‘loving’; if we sought to love someone more than ourselves. But have you taken the time to pause and ask, “What does it mean to actually love someone?”  I would like to flesh out a definition of… Read More»


Barn Building

There is a great story in Luke 12:13-22 that Jesus tells us.  Of course we don’t know if it is actually a parable or a true story, but the fact remains it was given to us for our instruction.  The story is great in-so-much as it will help us understand how we are using the… Read More»


Diamond in the Rough

Have you ever met a person who loved the serving opportunity that they had?  Have you ever watched them as they sought to minister and really took what they were doing seriously?  They seemed to go above and beyond in every aspect of their service. They were always at their post, and when they weren’t… Read More»


The Gospel Demands Much

“such were some of you” – 1 Cor. 6:11 “The gospel demands everything from all of us.  If someone thinks the gospel has somehow slotted into their lives quite easily, without causing any major adjustments to their lifestyle or aspirations, it is likely they have not really started following Jesus at all” —  Sam Allberry… Read More»


Stewarding Your Thoughts Of God

I have the privilege of serving in the 3rd-5th grade Sunday school class. This past Sunday we learned about the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. In the parable, the Master gives one servant five talents, one servant receives two talents, and the last servant receives one talent. The first two servants increase their… Read More»

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