June 12: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Church

Please rejoice with me in a rather unusual season of evangelistic joy.  This last Wednesday I had the privilege of leading a second adult man to the Lord in the last 10 days.

You know, while there is some evidence that our adversary is at work in our culture and community, let’s rejoice that “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”

Let’s ask the Lord for wisdom and passion to thoroughly disciple every person who’s won – and let’s also ask Him to allow us the privilege of winning some more.  A lot more.

~Steve Viars, Senior Pastor of Faith Church

Race for Hope

Here’s an encouraging email I received this past Monday from a man who just gave a gift to support the Race for Hope:

Dear Brother Mark,

I want to say thank you for writing “the Heart of Addiction” “A Biblical Perspective”.  The Lord has used this book in my life.  I also use it to point others to Jesus, the One who frees from sin.  One of the addictions I had was running.  I ran when I was angry, I ran when I was sad, I ran when I was happy and I ran if I was bored.  My life surrounded my running schedule.  If I did not run some day for any reason it was not a good day and those who were around knew.  By God’s great grace I am free from that.  God has given me a greater passion to live for then running, it is Jesus and His saving GRACE.

I will be supporting you in the “Race for Hope”.  God has used you to point me to the One who gives Hope.

– J.D.

Wow. Glad God used it graciously in His life to point him back to Christ.

~Mark Shaw, Pastor of Vision of Hope