October 20: Celebrating our Victories

Faith West

“This is small but significant. For the first time ever we had an hour where all of the study rooms at Faith West were being used by groups of students.  This shows that Faith West is starting to be used, and we are accomplishing our mission.”  – Josh Greiner, Pastor of Faith West Community Ministries

Vision of Hope

“Just a few days ago one of our interns wrote a blog on the Vision of Hope website giving her testimony. She wrote about God using difficult times in her life to bring her closer to Him, and also about her experience as an intern. A young woman read this blog, and God used it to motivate her to apply to be a resident in our program! It’s amazing how God can use a simple blog post to get someone’s attention and motivate them to seek biblical change!”  – Bethany Spence, VOH Intern

Faith Christian Preschool West

“On two separate occasions I’ve met with a parent concerning ongoing discipline issues with her child.  At her ‘wits end’ at preschool and at home, and with tears in her eyes, she told me I gave her ‘HOPE.’  She now understands ‘Hope’ comes from Jesus Christ and has started attending church locally.  – Janet Carney, Faith Christian Preschool West Director

Faith East Community Ministries

“This past Saturday at youth soccer, I had an individual express interest in starting to attend our church because of the adventure camp and youth soccer ministries.  Because of several unique family dynamics represented in this situation, they have been somewhat reserved in the past about being involved in a church. We were able to talk for 5 or so minutes about all of the different ministry opportunities that would be a blessing to this family, and by the end of our chat this individual was visibly encouraged and excited about starting to attend.  Talk about a victory and a blessing.  This conversation helped remind me exactly why our church has programs like a summer child care, or a fall soccer program, and many, many others – to glorify God by winning people to Jesus Christ and equipping them to be more faithful disciples.”  – Dave Esgar, Sports Ministries Intern

Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57