November 28: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Church

A couple of weeks ago we took our teens to the Word of Life Superbowl.  It is an all-night activity that started with an Indiana Pacers basketball game, a solid Gospel message followed, and then a night full of bowling and having fun at the Incrediplex.  This year a gracious donor offered to pay the bill for any teens that brought an unsaved friend, and a few of our young people took the donor up on the offer.  We were super excited to learn that 14 basketball players from Lafayette Jeff were attending along with a couple other unsaved teens.  I think we counted it a win just to have this many visitors going, but we were blown away when we saw God at work.

This rally had a clear presentation of the Gospel. At the end of it 11 of the 14 Jeff basketball players and one of the other visitors stood up and went forward to ask for more information on accepting Christ. I went and shared the Gospel with them again.

I tend to have a hard time with invitation decisions because sometimes it seems that peer pressure plays a large role, so I tried to talk to as many of the guys as possible. After spending some time with them, I believe that at least 4 guys really understood and accepted Christ.  They are extremely excited about coming to church on Sundays and have been attending Bible study at my house on Thursday evenings.

This last Thursday I was so excited when one of the young men who had accepted Christ started telling me about the way that he can use his influence as a senior on the basketball team to point other students to Christ.  To God be the glory!
Johnny Kjaer, Student Ministries

Purdue Bible Fellowship

On Friday, Nov. 15th Purdue Bible Fellowship (PBF) and PBF international (PBFi) hosted their annual square dance event, and the Lord blessed us with an amazing turn-out of students. The square dance has always been one of the biggest events of the year for our college and international student ministries. We encourage the students to invite their friends, and this event is a great way to connect with international students, because they want to experience American culture. A few years ago we were averaging around 80 students, last year we had close to 120 students, but this year we had close to 200 American and international students take part in the event. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in growing this event where new friendships can be built in a fun, God-glorifying atmosphere!
Daniel Moore, Faith Bible Seminary Intern

Faith West

After leaving Wright Flowers Shop a number of years ago PBF wandered without a home until Faith West was built.  The last place that PBF settled before coming to FW was Riverside Covenant Church.  They allowed PBF to meet in their space on Friday nights and served us in a time when we didn’t have a place to call home.  Sunday night, during our Stewardship Celebration, that same church was using our MPR at FW to host their Thanksgiving Celebration since they don’t have a space large enough.  It is so encouraging that we are able to bless and serve the group that blessed and served us when we were in need.
– Josh Greiner, Pastor of Faith West Community Ministries