November 25: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Christian School

One of our international students has gone through a lot of medical issues this semester.  She has spent time down at Riley hospital and is currently facing many health related issues along with medical bills for her future.  Several of our seniors approached me with the desire to show support for her through prayers and  financial encouragement.  The seniors suggested having a tribute day that would allow the student body to show support by wearing “blue” in honor of this student.  Through their efforts , the student body was able to raise just under $700!  These funds went directly towards 3 months of prescriptions, one set of labs, and supplies that allows her to keep her books and school supplies easily accessible.

In this month that we seek ways and opportunities to give thanks, I’m very thankful for the tender hearts of students who seek to meet the needs of others as they show the love of Christ in very tangible and considerate ways.
– Scott Grass, FCS Superintendent

Faith West

This week we had a conference for the Indiana Retired Teachers Association at FW. Many of the attendees came up to the front desk to thank us for hosting their event; and many marveled at the decor of the building and how nice everything was. One of our neighbors on Windsor Ave. who helped organize the conference thanked us for how helpful the FW staff was during the event.  She shared that when she first heard about Faith West she was scared it would cause a lot of problems, but, to her surprise, that has not happened.  She said that Faith West is one of the best things to happen to this community in years and thanked us for our service to the community.
– Josh Greiner, Pastor of Faith West Community Ministries