October 26: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Church

“I was speaking with a believer of about six weeks today when he related a marvelous story of God’s grace.  One of his friends had sworn off church, but accepted the new believer’s invitation to attend Faith Church.  Afterward the friend shared, ‘This is the first time I ever went to church and didn’t get bored or fall asleep.  I actually enjoyed it and learned something.  I think I’ll come back next week.’”  David Selvey, Director of Faith Global Missions

Faith West

This past Saturday the fourth annual Celebration of India was hosted by the Indian Women Association of Greater Lafayette. Over 1,000 people attended, but the best part was the way the FW residents reached out to extend a helping hand when all the excitement died down. “I sent out a text, and we had at least 12 college students come downstairs to clean-up and get the building ready for church, joyfully serving in this way at a moment’s notice. At one point when we started cleaning up, the woman who was in charge of the event started to panic and told us that she wouldn’t have enough money to pay for the students who came to help clean-up. When we told her that the students were there to volunteer free of charge, she was so relieved and amazed. What a great testimony for our community!”  – Daniel Moore, Faith Church Pastoral Intern

Vision of Hope

“This week at Vision of Hopeo ne of our staff members, Heather Starkweather, went into surgery. She was greatly missed, apparent in only 5 hours of her absence! The emptiness of this void was met with an extreme and tender desire to pray and lift up Heather and her family during staff meeting, and to refer to how greatly she impacts this ministry throughout the rest of the staff meeting. This “victory” represents how the body of Christ works: when one member suffers the whole body does likewise (1 Corinthians 12:26). We wait eagerly to rejoice in God’s healing of Heather’s body, in His good will and timing.”  – Rachel Baily, VOH Intern