April 24: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Christian School – Elementary

First of all, we’re praising the Lord that, in the last two weeks, two children have received Christ as their Savior! A 5th grader at school after considering a message presented in elementary chapel by a senior student, and a 1st grader at home with his family.

Second of all we’re thankful for the servant hearts our 3rd graders demonstrated this last Tuesday. The students sang three songs with a “story” theme to senior citizens at the Hannah Community Center. After the children sang, they enjoyed reading aloud the books that they wrote. They also shared a Resurrection book that they illustrated about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  Finally, students created bookmarks with their new friends, to leave for them as a gift.  Students were blessed by the senior citizens, as well!

– Jonathan Lambeth, FCS Elementary Principal

Faith Christian School – High School

Matthew (Dane) Albaugh, a senior at Faith Christian School, has been awarded the 2014 Lilly Endowment Scholarship through the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette. Dane was among three students from Tippecanoe County to receive this award. According to the Lafayette Leader, the criteria to apply for the scholarship included community, school and work activities; grades and financial need. Dane plans to major in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University.

Dane’s AP Calculus teacher, Theresa Blaisdell says, “What stands out about Dane is not that he almost always ‘gets it right,’ but rather what he does when he gets it wrong.  He jumps back in, finds the issue, works on it some more with good humor, and stands ready to share his new insight with someone else.”  Sheryl Borgman adds, “ I admire Dane’s quiet strength, leadership and diligence. He continues to show spiritual insight and integrity as he contributes to our class discussions.”

– Scott Grass, FCS Superintendent

Faith Community Ministries East

One of our fitness instructors, Alexandra Nitzschke, always ends class by having the men and women stop and consider the truth of God’s character.  Recently she started a private Facebook page for her students.  After class, one week, a student asked “what Scripture was read aloud in class”? Once posted (the verses were 2 Kings 17:15 and Jeremiah 2:5), the student and a few others who had attended that class began a theological discussion about how that applies to their lives. One woman even researched and shared the Hebrew word for “vanity” (word is used in both verses). On the following week of class, another student asked for scripture to be posted every week so that the group could meditate on the scripture leading up to class.

Alexandra gives full credit to God and the work of the Holy Spirit for moving in the hearts of her students.  She feels her job is to take every opportunity to share the gospel and the hope she has in Christ with everyone in all of her classes.  Alexandra is also thankful that the Holy Spirit is blessing her classes in a way that she has specifically been praying for.

– André Ballard, Pastor of Faith East Community Ministries

Faith Global Missions

We had 33 people attend the opening session of Expanding Your Horizons Wed night!  What a joy and encouragement to see this many people interested in learning about the GOER (Global Outreach in Evangelism and Reconciliation) ministry of Faith Church.  The GOER ministry allows people to participate in short term missions trips to minister to our missionaries and other partners around the world.

– David Selvey, Faith Global Missions Director