January 21: Celebrating our Victories

Faith Church

I hesitate to share this, because I am not interested in doing so for the praise of man.  However, God is at work in Lafayette.

Tuesday evening, while cleaning my car off, two of my neighbors started to walk by me.  I had never met them, and so I started a conversation.  I found out they were planning to go to work by riding the bus across town.  I told them that I was going to the East side and offered to give them a ride.  After some hesitation (because I doubt this type of offer is made that much), they accepted.  While driving over I was able to hear about how this couple had met.  They both come from a background involving a lot of pain in their life.  Both have experienced failed marriages, abuse, and the young lady even said she lived homeless for two years before meeting her significant other (this gentleman).  I was shocked at how open they were about their life’s pain, all during a short car ride across town.  The gentleman was especially open about how he is under an immense about of pressure.  I was able to ask them if they had a church family, and I invited them to Faith Church West with me.  They said they were not sure about a church right now, because they have had bad experiences in the past.  However, they took my number.  The gentleman said that he would like to meet with me again.  He said he felt like I did a good job listening to him.

Please pray there is an opening in the future for me to provide answers from God’s Word on dealing with the challenges they both face in life.  Pray for a willingness to attend church.  Pray for a positive experience when they attend church.
– Justin Brownfield, Faith Church Member

Faith Christian Preschool West

The Lord is working in the hearts of our preschool parents. There are two families who, when their children started at FW, were not attending church but are now regularly attending. The Lord is slowly adding to our preschool “flock” at FW.
– Janet Carney, Faith Christian Preschool West Director

Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School celebrated Reading Extravaganza – “Reading Across America” – this past week. Our elementary students enjoyed a wonderful and unique opportunity to learn about a specific author along with the continued encouragement to enjoy reading. There were also special times in each day where the students read, participated in a daily assembly that highlighted different geographic spots in our country, and learned a lot of interesting and unique things about their author. See some pictures from the Reading Extravaganza parade.

The High School enjoyed a wonderful Spiritual Emphasis Week with Rand Hummel from the WILDS Christian Camp. Rand is the Program Director of the WILDS, New England, and has been working with teens for the past 30 years. We had 6 special chapel services that were specifically directed at our students’ relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ. One of the key phrases of the week centered around “Fearing God by respecting His holiness by hating what God hates and loving what God loves.” Many students and staff members were impacted in their decisions and are hopefully seeking to take steps of change in their relationship with the Lord and others. This week has truly been a GREAT week!
– Scott Grass, FCS Superintendent